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Write for Us

Program Details

The “Write for Us” program allows you to spread your digital advertising knowledge and develop your skills as an author.

All the content will be used and displayed on the AdTech website, with the sole purpose of helping the ad tech community better understand the industry, its history, and its possible future developments.

General Guidelines

Writing style


The main purpose of AdTech is to inform and educate users. 


Casual, friendly

While we are trying to position ourselves as an authority and relevant source of information on the market, we don’t want to have a cold approach to our users. 

Around 35% of our readers are between 25 and 34 years old, and 74% are between 18 and 44. Additionally, 75% of our audience is male.

That fits in line with the overall demographics of the market.

Article length

>1,500 words*

Our approach to content creation is a long-term one, where we try to cover large topics with in-depth articles that will, in time, rank for numerous keywords. Our average content words for posts (excluding product and partnership announcements) is 2,000, with the lowest being 1,224 and the highest 4,521.

*However, we try to stay away from writing additional content just for the sake of creating a lengthy post. If we can cover a topic in less than 1,500 words, we will definitely do so.

Promoting your brand

You can include a paragraph about your business, as long as it naturally fits in the post. Some examples of insertions include:

  • Talking about a case study or market research your business conducted;
  • Talking about a product/project you launched successfully;
  • Talking about Good Case Practices you applied and worked.

You can also include a do-follow backlink to your website, or to any relevant content that you mentioned in the post.

Additional guidelines

Do your research

Before creating an article, make sure that the topic hasn’t already been covered on our website. Also, make sure your article is well-documented and that the information is accurate and up to date. You can also include links for further research where is the case.

Keep SEO in mind

Don’t try to stuff your content with the same keyword just to help your content rank better. Instead, use synonyms and closely related words employing natural language.

Including keywords similar to or related to your main topic will help Google find and rank your content easier. This will also help Google’s crawlers to better understand what your topic is about.

Tip: to easily do keyword research, run your main keyword into Google and check out the “People also search” box.

Create unique content

Make sure that your content is unique and has not been posted on other websites or blogs. Content that is considered duplicate will be automatically rejected and is not eligible for a reward.

Make it personal

Including your personal experiences about the topic can help your readers better understand your content, and it will add a great personal touch to your article.

However, always think of your audience’s needs, and ensure that you provide information that is relevant to the community.

Text structure and readability

Try not to beat around the bush. Keeping your writing simple and on point will help readers easily find the information they need.

Make sure that you space out your paragraphs. Our golden rule is to keep the paragraphs between 2 and 4 rows long, and the article length at around 1600 words.

Also, every claim in the post should be backed by data and link back to the research paper mentioned. (E.g. In a study conducted by AppNexus, it was discovered that the Technology B2B Industry had the lowest average CTR of all industries – 0.50%.)

Terms of Agreement

All guest posts will be published on under the author’s name, but the rights of the content will belong to AdTech, and the author will not be allowed to republish the post on any other websites or blogs.

The original author of the guest post is allowed to make minor edits to his article, only after consulting with a member of the AdTech team.

The visual materials used for the cover and inside the article’s body will be illustrated exclusively by AdTech’s design team. The author may provide graphs and charts deemed essential for the article’s topic. reserves the right to edit or delete a guest post at any given time for any of the following reasons:

  1. The content is outdated;
  2. The content was published on another website/blog;
  3. The content no longer reflects the views of

The author of the website will be informed by email of any major changes to his content.

Become a contributor

If you’re interested in becoming an author, send us an email so we can discuss all the details.